27 Jan

Canada-order medical marijuana legally! Marijuana without THC for medical purposes

"We Get High on Life"

MED MARIJUANA Inc. supplies a line of Cannabis Sativa (Marijuana) based lab grade products to all provinces of Canada and most areas of the world. MED MARIJUANA is pleased to assist the American public with their nutritional concerns now that our federal drug policies regarding Marijuana have been loosened.

Our products are low THC content and within federal guidelines to allow their legal sale. While containing small amounts of THC our products have no psychoactive properties whatsoever and will be of no value to recreational users other than to better their nutritional health.

Upon seeing the evident changes to the laws, as demanded by the public for generations MED MARIJUANA Inc. immediately began its research and planning phase. The company has now reached this point, where our research and product development have recently seen the launch of MED MARIJUANA’s product line with our first product, CANNABIS SATIVA OIL EXTRACT.

MED MARIJUANA Inc. wishes to put this wonderful plant product in the hands of as many people as possible for the lowest price possible. People have demanded the legal return of Cannabis Sativa for 83 years now. Now that it is here we wish it available to all.

MED MARIJUANA will not be found in stores. The company is in the process of building a national distribution system of 80 regional dealers. Every area of the country will be serviced by these dealers. In this fashion the public will see our Marijuana products in every community and will learn more quickly the miraculous health benefits provided legally once again by Cannabis Sativa.

While in the process of building our dealer network we will sell product to the public but once we have our 80 licensed dealers in place all orders must go through one of them, depending on geographic location.

During this growth phase MED MARIJUANA Inc. as well has two other products in the final stages of research and development, scheduled for launch in 2004. Product details follow on separate page.

MED MARIJUANA Inc. is pleased to be in a position to assist in the nutritional concerns of so many.

This supplement has not been evaluated by the FDA. Always consult a physician when starting a new supplement.


Melanie Stephen and Michael Patriquen began to actively work on the project which has evolved into Med Marijuana Inc. in August of 1998- shortly after our federal government allowed the production and sale of low THC Cannabis product through an Order in Council in June of that year.

Research, development, planning and production came to fruition in November of 2001 when the first company product was shipped.

A bit of background on Melanie and Michael…

They both were born and grew up in Saint John, New Brunswick. Through a number of twists of fate they never, however, met while living there even through their High School years. While going through their early years of birth through age 6 it has later turned out that they lived within 200 yards of one another- but never had met.

They never met through school- no doubt due to the strict male/female segregation in the Catholic schools at the time.

Both left the city shortly after completing High School to move to another common city- Halifax, Nova Scotia- Michael to pursue a university education- Melanie to pursue her sales career. It took a number of years for the couple to meet in Halifax- until 1980 in fact- but it was love at first sight- they have been together ever since- married in Negril, Jamaica in 1982.

Michael had moved to Jamaica after St. Mary’s University and travelled back to Canada occasionally when he met his wife. Melanie as well moved to Jamaica and she began her relationship with the Cannabis plant.

Michael had by then established a relationship with a number of Rastafarians across the Island. He found the Rasta’s to be a near mystical people- living a life of perfect health-preserving their physical temple- they were vegetarian (ital), used Cannabis as a sacrament in their religion and used Cannabis as a natural medicine for dozens of folk remedies.

Michael introduced Melanie to the Rasta’s and their philosophy- she was taken as well.

Since then they have both been studying the Cannabis plant and waiting and wanting to bring it legally to the citizens of Canada. On moving back to Canada they began to lobby all levels of government for changes to our ridiculous Cannabis laws. They are founding members of the Federal Marijuana Party of Canada- Parti Marijuana,have both run in federal elections,are the leaders of the Marijuana Party of Nova Scotia, publishers of HempWorks Magazine- a local activist tabloid- and follow many other activist avenues for the reform of Canadian Cannabis laws.

Michael pursued his accountancy and through his professional career has worked as controller and in operations management for a number of prominent Canadian companies. Melanie reached the heights of a national sales career. They both work now full time on promoting the miracle of Med Marijuana , bringing new product legally to market and to assist in the striking down of the remaining Cannabis laws.

Michael unfortunately has been injured in a number of accidents and is now suffering severe nerve pain. Our federal government has given Michael two federal exemptions to grow, possess and use high THC marijuana to treat this condition.

The laws are coming down and the couple are pleased when they are thanked for their small contributions over the past twenty years. They are pleased now to present the products so far legally available from Med Marijuana Inc. , the worlds first company to legally sell marijuana product.

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